DCI series digital Public Address System
DCI series digital Public Address System is using digital RS485 bus technology to control the analog PA system.  The system enables smart control, LCD screen for monitoring and easy operations, and easy system expansion.


DCI-100 Central Processor
DCI-816S Digital Audio Matrix
DCI-10P 16-zone speaker selector
DCI-10R 16-zone remote paging station
DCI-11P Pre-amplifier
DCI-12M Monitor panel
DCI-13A 16-zone speaker selector
DCI-13B 16-zone speaker selector
DCI-15E Emergency panel
DCI-16T Program timer
DCI-18I Telephone interface
DCI-19A Alarm matrix
DCI-20S 24VDC power supply
DCI-21M Amplifier switch
DCI-25L Lighting Arrestor
DCI-26C 3-channel Volume controller
DCI-28S Power sequencer
DCI-816R Remote paging mic of DCI-816S
DCI-360/DCI-460/DCI-660/DCI-8600/DCI-9600  Power amplifier
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