INTEVIO Public Address / Voice Alarm System

Intevio Public Address and Voice Alarm system is a highly integrated solution that can provide more stable, easier, total ownership cost saving and higher experience and performance for small-to-medium application. The system is based on dual-channel audio matrix with capacity of 128 speaker lines. CAN Bus structure enable high quality audio transmission and reproduction, remote call station, digital volume adjustment, timing broadcasting, amplifier backup and system status monitoring and etc.

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How to Set the INTEVIO Device

How to Connect the System Under a Single Channel Mode for INTEVIO

How to Connect the System Under a Dual Channel Mode for INTEVIO

How to Setup SIP Phone for INTEVIO


RK-MCU Master Control Unit
RK-MIC Remote Call Station
RK-ZONE8 Zone Expander
RK-ZONE24 Zone Expander
RK-AMP500 500W High Efficiency Digital Power Amplifier
CCCF,CCC,EN54-16,  UL60065
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